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Spotless Construction Cleanup & Rental Cleaning

Count on Faith Janitorial Service in Gulfport, Mississippi, to provide construction cleanup services before the new owners move in as well as rental cleaning for those preparing to move out. Our goal is to ensure that your property or space makes the best first impression on the people moving into the place next.

Construction Cleanup

No contractor wants their client to walk into a newly built home or office that is less than spotless. Once the construction is over, count on our construction cleanup service to leave the inside impeccable and your clients impressed. We dust the walls and cabinets, clean the windows, and ensure the window seals are free of debris. We also sweep and mop the floors. You will never be charged by the foot—we charge based on the amount of actual work involved in the job. 

Rental Cleaning

When tenants move out of a building, apartment, or rental home, you want to ensure that the area is as clean as possible for the new tenants coming in. The former occupants also want the property spotless in order to get their deposit back. Trust us for detailed cleaning for properties of any size.
Cleaning Includes: 

• Sweeping
• Mopping

• Cleaning the Bathrooms
• Dusting the Interior
• Cleaning Appliances
• Vacuuming
Clean Kitchen - Rental Cleaning

Contact us for reliable construction cleanup and rental cleaning.