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Commercial Floor Waxing for a Lasting Shine

Person Waxing Floor - Floor Waxing

Turn to Faith Janitorial Services in Gulfport, Mississippi, for long-lasting floor waxing that protects your floor and provides a beautiful shine. Our team strips the floor to the material below the old wax and adds a new high-shine coat. 

Make Your Floors Shine

Once the old wax is stripped, we clean the area and put down a new coat of wax to give you the beautiful shine you expect. The more coats of wax we apply, the more shine there will be. We use our own equipment, including a high-speed buffer and auto-scrubber. Once we have finished your floor waxing, we ensure the area is neat and ready for business the next day.

Contact us for the floor waxing services that will leave your areas looking shiny and clean.